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Our piano tuning and repair coverage area includes Orange County and Southern Los Angeles County.

Precise Tuning

We are available for home, studio, church, or concert hall tuning.

Piano Tuning Huntington Beach CA

Piano Repairs

Piano repairs include diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Piano General Maintenance Irvine CA

Regular Maintenance

In addition to tuning, we check adjustments to your piano action and perform any needed corrections.

Action Regulation

Action parts can be adjusted to give your piano the correct “feel”.

Pitch Raises

Bringing piano’s pitch (sharp/flat) to the correct level.


Correcting tone quality through filing, needling, or steaming.

Dampp Chaser Installation Irvine CA

String Services

String cleaning, installation, and replacement for broken or missing strings.

Key Tops Services

We gently clean and also offer replacements for ivory key tops.

Piano Cleaning

Vacuuming with a brush the interior, soundboard, and pin block.

The best service at a reasonable price – that is our customer guarantee. We provide end to end services, from simple tuning torepair and maintenance (and everything in between), for all piano types and models, including Disklavier. King’s Piano Service – your trusted experts in the Irvine, Huntington, Long Beach, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, CA neighborhood.

A piano is more than an instrument. It is an investment. It also evokes tradition, heritage and passion. Our mission is to preserve and protect your treasure, so it can serve to delight you and your family for many generations to come.

King’s Piano Service operates from a passion accumulated from more than 18 years of experience serving Irvine, Huntington, Long Beach, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, CA and neighboring cities. When you call us for tuning – whether it’s your Kawai, Yamaha, Disklavier, Bechstein or other brands – we come in with purpose of restoring an instrument that can bring music and joy to pianists and listeners alike.

You love your piano, and that’s enough reason for us to do everything we can to keep beautiful music playing in your home, church or business.


Piano out of tune? Disklavier needs an update? Our years of experience has made us capable of handling even the most difficult tuning or repair service challenges (yes, even for those upright Steinways!). We cater to all piano owners in the Irvine, Huntington, Long Beach, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, CA and surrounding areas.


Why choose us?


We are Passionate.We treat you and your piano like royalty, providing service with utmost respect, preserving dignity and beauty.

We are Experts.Founder Sheila King has gone through years of apprenticeship, study with Randy Potter Piano School of Piano Technology, and Yamaha factory schools. She continues to learn and grow to find cost-effective ways to keep your instrument in magnificent shape.

We offer the Best Rates. We believe that whether you own a Yamaha or a Steinway, piano tuning should not be expensive. We are confident that we offer the most competitive rates in the Irvine, Huntington, Long Beach, Anaheim, Mission Viejo, CA and nearby cities.

Sheila King

Piano Technician

My extensive piano tuning and repair experience assures you of consistent top-notch services.

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